Humidification and Misting

Water For Humidification and Misting Systems

Choosing the right water for your Humidification and Misting system is of paramount importance. Properly treated water will prolong the lifespan of the equipment, prevent expensive breakdowns and most importantly reduce airborne pathogens.

Lubron partners with some of the leading Humidification providers, to ensure a synergy of the correct water treatment tailored to the needs of their equipment.

The Importance of Water Hygiene

Tap water is perfect for washing and drinking, however it can contains both scale forming hardness and low levels of Bacteria.

Hardness (Limescale) will reduce the efficiency of your system and block jets and nozzles.

If atomized water contains too much bacteria, this will spread to the air and when we breathe this air in, it will contaminate our lungs. Our lungs are less resistant to infection than our stomach is. In fact, pulmonary tissue is warm, and bacteria thrives in warm areas and multiplies quickly with access to oxygen and nutrients.  

It is therefore important to ensure the water your humidifier is using is of potable quality and contains little bacteria. If a water supply of potable quality is not available, it is important to filter the water and ensure your system is clean and disinfected.

Humidifier water treatment solutions

Using a water softener will remove hardness preventing limescale from clogging nozzles and pipes. Adding a Reverse Osmosis system will remove 99.9% of Bacteria and Virus as well as providing a pure water supply to protect your humidifier or misting equipment.