Innovative, compliant solutions for healthcare

Healthcare Water Treatment

Lubron has a first-class reputation for providing fully compliant healthcare water treatment systems for pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics and pathology laboratories, from clinical decontamination and the water used in renal dialysis, to heating and chilled water systems. The fact that water treatment systems for these sectors must be technically advanced, utterly reliable to protect human life, and meet exacting standards is forefront in Lubron’s delivery.


Our healthcare service

Whether it is in hospitals, nursing homes or care homes, we understand that it is essential for our healthcare customers to have complete confidence in the quality of their water. With the correct water treatment, the risks of deposits, clogging, and bacteria spreading in the system are minimised and the service life is extended. Known for its excellent service, Lubron’s maintenance provision for our customers is world-class. Our extensive service network provides 24/7 support for our clients.

Virus and bacteria control

Air humidification systems and equipment represent a potential source of transmission of viruses and bacteria, including legionella. By using demineralised water to sterilise equipment, health risks can be negated. Lubron’s water treatment specialists have extensive knowledge of legislation and regulations, understand the challenges, and can specify the appropriate technology to deliver the best performance for every environment.

Demineralised and purified water

Tap water in the UK includes a number of components that have an impact on, for example, conductivity. Quality standards in laboratories and pharmacies are naturally very high, as they are for cleaning equipment in the CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department). With the right water treatment, Lubron provides demineralised water of the highest quality for each specific application.

Energy efficiency – sustainable and environmentally friendly

Improving energy efficiency is key to any organisation, and particularly in healthcare. Heating costs represent a significant share of energy consumption in healthcare. A sustainable building relies on efficient cooling and heating systems. With the correct water treatment, heat transfer can remain optimal for longer, resulting in fiscal savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Depending on water quality requirements, a number of techniques can be applied in the clinical and healthcare sector.


Humidification (HVAC)

Water purity plays an important role here too, in helping to limit the risk from air and water borne infections. Lubron has invested in the research and development of specially designed units, which deliver the finely controlled humidification, which is so important in providing the right environment in theatres, wards and offices across healthcare facilities.

Humidification And Misting

Water softening

The right water softening solution can eliminate scale deposits in equipment. Additionally, in cooling and boiler systems, the service life and efficiency of equipment can be significantly extended by preventing corrosion and scale deposits.

Water Softening Systems


Filtration occurs in nature when rain water passes between many layers of sand and gravel. The gravel and sand act as a filter to collect solid particles and therefore leave the water pure. This process has been adapted in Lubron medical water filter systems to achieve the same effect in industry, and is particularly useful in healthcare, manufacturing and domestic circumstances.

Industrial Water Filtration


Salts and minerals can be found in pipes and in spring water. In order to treat this issue, water is desalted, a process also referred to as demineralisation, using reverse osmosis (RO). To achieve purified water, the RO water receives a secondary treatment with electro-deionisation (EDI).

Water Demineralisation

Microbiological control

Maintaining compliance with HTM 04-01 is challenging for any healthcare management team. Lubron provides quality solutions that represent long-term reliability and value for money to over 60% of the UK’s hospitals. Whether you require our consultancy services, chemical treatment products or water treatment equipment, the experienced team at Lubron can help you to exceed your compliance objectives and mitigate risk.

Legionella Risk Assessments


Advice and support

As a partner of many installers, suppliers and consultants, Lubron provides customised water treatment systems for various industries, including food and beverage, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, glazing and industrial. Lubron considers the quality requirements for the final product and its specific application, tailoring our advice and consultancy to create a unique solution.

Design and assembly

When designing a process water system, Lubron takes into account all aspects of end use such as: quality requirements, applicable laws and regulations, energy efficiency, maintenance and operating costs. Every installation is professionally designed and manufactured to Lubron’s leading European standards.

Commissioning and maintenance

As a whole project partner, following installation, Lubron takes care of the complete commissioning process, including training on operation and maintenance. Our industry-leading maintenance service supports operations and enhances the life of your investment. Should you experience any problems, you have the assurance of support day or night from our 24/7 response team.

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