Water treatment products

Lubron designs, manufactures, commissions and services a comprehensive range of high quality water treatment plant and equipment to the highest rigorous standards of compliance and quality. As well as our own brand, we commission and service other manufacturers’ systems and plant.

The products we offer include:  water softeners, single and multi stage reverse osmosis plant, demineraliser units, organic scavengers and traps, mixed bed de-ionisers, pressure filter systems, interconnecting tanks, transfer pump sets and control equipment.

Our products are complemented by a full range of spares and consumables. We also supply chemicals to control corrosion deposits and bacteria.

For more information, see our product brochures below

Proline Classic
250 - 250 l/h
Proline SXT
250 - 250 l/h
Softstar Classic
350 - 350 l/h
Softstar SXT
350 - 350 l/h
Easysoft SXT
450 - 1700 l/h
Easysoft Classic
450 - 1700 l/h
Warm Water 160 - 3400 l/h
Compact, Duomatic, SoftStar and Miniline Series
160 - 3400 l/h
Bimatic Series
520 - 4000 l/h
JR Twin Series
3.4 - 10 m3/h
4.8 - 20 m3/h
4.8 - 20 m3/h
20 - 50 m3/h
Associated products
Brine Alarm Salto
Remembering to replenish the water softener salt need no longer be a problem with Lubron's new Salto unit.
The Testomat(R) 808 Hardness Monitor
The Testomat 808 Hardness Monitor is available for 24V, 115V , 230V AC power supplies
200 - 1900 l/h
Activated carbon filters
3 - 34 m3/h
Iron and manganese filters
5 - 60 m3/h
Sand filters
15 - 152 m3/h
Side Stream Filters DSF15 / DSF50
The DSF Side Stream Filters are specially designed to remove troublesome suspended debris from re-circulating water systems.
Lubron's range of pressure filter systems is readily configured for removing both particulates and various dissolved species in effluent, ground, process and surface waters.