Lubron helps mitigate the risks associated with microbiological control


Water is an essential part of everyday life, from the water we drink, bathe and cook with to its role across numerous industries where it is used for manufacturing, agriculture, building, healthcare, food & beverages, data centres and many, many more.

In its natural form however, water can contain impurities and contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, salt, lead and sediment which can impact the way it looks, smells, tastes and even the type of applications that it can be used for.

At Lubron, we provide reliable and effective water hygiene services that help to ensure your water is safe and compliant.

Professional Water Hygiene Services

Cleanliness, water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of engineered water systems.

In the industry “Water Hygiene” refers to practices that preserve the health of water systems including drinking water supplies, cooling towers, air handling units, swimming pools, spa pools, domestic water systems supplying showers, or any application where an aerosol spray could be generated.

Water hygiene treatment requires:

  • Risk assessments to evaluate whether suitable control measures are in place
  • Testing water to monitor whether harmful organisms are present
  • Provision of treatment programmes and remedial actions such as chemical disinfections where required.

At Lubron, we offer a full range of services that give our clients the peace of mind that they comply with the latest standards.

  • Legionellosis Risk Assessments – The first step in any well managed water hygiene plan is a water hygiene risk assessment. Our water hygiene and legionella risk assessment consultancy services are all in line with HSG274. For more information on assessments please click here.
  • Water Treatment Programmes – With routine monitoring of biocide levels and microbiological parameters.
  • Sampling and Analytical Services – We use impartial third-party UKAS accredited laboratories to ensure impartiality. For more information on sampling please click here.
  • Bespoke Chemical Products – Including oxidising and non-oxidising biocides in liquid and solid form.
  • Provision of Online Dosing Systems – We offer temporary and permanent solutions that can help to eradicate problematic bacteria in pipework with technology such as Chlorine Dioxide, Stabilised Silver Hydrogen Peroxide and traditional Chlorine.
  • Chemical Cleaning – Our specialists can perform comprehensive disinfections and manual system cleans to keep your equipment operating at optimal capacity. For more information, please click here.

How Can We Help

At Lubron, we provide a wide range of water treatment solutions and specialist water hygiene services for individuals, businesses and organisations of various types and sizes from local authorities, hotels and commercial premises to industrial sites, retail outlets and more.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our water hygiene services UK, then please get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.