Water Hygiene Services
Lubron helps mitigate the risks associated with microbiological control
Lubron helps mitigate the risks associated with microbiological control
Our consultancy and water hygiene services, products, accredited courses, chemical water treatments, and the latest technology, including UV-disinfection and reverse osmosis, ensure a safe and healthy environment with optimal equipment and system reliability.



Whether renewable additives, filtration equipment or sterilisation plant are the answer to your water hygiene requirement, Lubron’s products, services and expertise can identify and mitigate the risks. With our water hygiene treatment, we can show you what you need to be doing, with our accredited water hygiene courses, or we can take the pressure off you with our consultancy provision.
Either way, we understand how important clean, safe water is to your productivity and your reputation, so as a trusted water treatment company let us, and our industry-leading knowledge and expertise, help you to maintain and enhance both with our water hygiene systems.
Lubron provides water hygiene services, treatment and solutions for hot and cold water systems to clients within the public sector and for a wide range of private commercial customers throughout the UK.

For more information on our water hygiene services, Legionella control, prevention and risk management please contact us here.