Water Treatment for Automatic Endoscope Reprocessing Machines

Reverse Osmosis Water For Endoscope Reprocessing Systems

Healthcare Water Treatment

At Lubron, we understand the unique requirements of the healthcare sector. We understand the need for durability and reliability in our products and services. Our knowledge and expertise is applied to our customers requirements allowing us to provide our customers with compliant endoscope equipment, that we consider to be the market’s best healthcare water treatment systems.

Endoscopy Water Treatment

Endoscope washing requires very clean water, free of virus and bacteria and many other minerals found naturally in our drinking water, this is not only to protect the equipment, but most importantly the patient.

Lubron works with all manufacturers of Endoscopy Washer Disinfectors (EWD’s) to ensure our solution matches their exact requirements for flow and pressure and other key design parameters.

Our reliable and proven technologies are brought together to provide a solution that’s compliant and built to last.

Our Endoscopy reprocessing systems are cold running with thermal disinfection and UV to meet the standards set out in HTM01-06.

Key parameters are easily identified on our large touch screen display. ‘Remote Connectivity’ is built in as standard at no extra cost, allowing key parameters to be remotely monitored and controlled.

We offer a comprehensive range of service plans for servicing on Lubron and non Lubron water treatment plants. If you would like to find out more information on our endoscope reprocessing systems and solutions, get in contact with an expert today.