Water Demineralisation

Water Demineralisation

Water is known as the ‘Universal Solvent’ and many elements and compounds will dissolve in it.

For the removal of salts within water supplies, Reverse Osmosis water treatment demineralisation technique (RO) is generally used. This results in desalinated water, also known as demin water (demineralised water). As certain applications require a higher level of purity, sometimes ultra-pure water, the RO water can be further treated using a second membrane step or electro-deionisation.

The specialists at Lubron pick the treatment and choose which combination of water demineralisation technologies to use, depending on the specific situation in order to deliver an optimal result.

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Water Demineralisation Technologies

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis uses high pressure to seperate salts and disolved contaminants using membrane technology.

It is an ideal replacement for most Acid and Caustic based demineralisation units, with the benefit of no chemicals.

Nano Membrane Filtration

Nano Membrane Filtration works in a similar way to Reverse Osmosis, using high pressure membranes to separate salts from water.

Nano membranes have slightly larger ‘pore’ sizes and so allow monovalent Ions to pass.

Nano can be used for softening or to concentrate sugar or fruit juice solutions.

Electro DeIonisation

Continuous Electro-de-Ionisation units (EDI-unit) produce ultrapure water with a conductivity of up to 0.06 µS/cm (18 MΩ at 25 °C).

These special EDI system makes use of ion-selective membranes and the special ion exchange resin, through which continuously pure water can be produced. No chemicals are used in the EDI technology.

Mixed Bed

Mixed bed resin filtration uses a combination of Cation and Anion resins to provide demineralised water.

They can be used on their own, or for longevity, in conjunction with a Reverse Osmosis unit to produce ‘pure’ water.

Mixed bed resin comes in many grades to suit the water purity required.