Health Check for Boiler Systems - How to optimise your steam boiler treatment

Case Study: Steam Boiler Treatment

Published in Building Services & Environmental Engineer, June 2018
Mark Hadaway advises hospital building services engineers on how steam boiler treatment can help to keep the boiler system operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

It may seem a long distance; from the white-gowned surgeons in the operating theatre to the overalled maintenance fitters in the boiler house but, without the steam supply, there would be no operations. The modern hospital is every bit as dependent on steam as were the mills of the industrial revolution. Steam is a vital source of space heating, high temperatures for autoclaves in sterile services departments, the laundry and kitchens, to steam boiler treatment and the overall efficiency and wellbeing of the boilerhouse should be top propriety for the hospital building services engineer. And the key to boiler efficiency is water treatment.

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