Industrial Water Treatment
Innovation and expertise in Industrial water treatment
Innovation and expertise in Industrial water treatment
Clean and purified water is crucial to many processes and products across a diverse range of industries. Lubron provides an industrial water treatment solution to all sectors including manufacturing, power generation, electronics, chemical and glass.

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

With our Industrial water treatment services, it doesn’t matter whether water is an ingredient in food manufacturing, or a vital component in an engineering process, its quality affects the production of countless products within the industrial sector. Prolonging the life of expensive equipment and increasing return on investment can be facilitated through optimised water filtration. Lubron is an expert in Industrial water treatment, we can provide advice and assistance in obtaining the best solution for you, whether it’s industrial water demineralisation, or industrial water purification services you are looking for, we can help!

Many underestimate the importance of water quality, and the part it plays in everyday industrial processes, which is what makes our water treatment solutions and services so valuable, it is a method of protecting your everyday practices to ensure there are no glitches. 

For more information on our Industrial water treatment services, contact us today, we also offer water treatment solutions for the food and beverage sector, domestic, healthcare, and more.

Understanding your business needs

You know your business best. Once we talk to you, we’ll quickly determine what Industrial water purification technology is appropriate for your needs. The emphasis will always be on bespoke solutions because no two applications are ever exactly the same. Additionally, we focus on efficiency. We want to make sure that your investment in Lubron is the right solution for your needs, and so adds value to your business.

Understanding the business of water

Although in the UK, potable water is generally well conserved and protected from contamination, it may not be suitable to meet the demands of many industrial and commercial applications. Controlling corrosion, scale and microbiological contamination in industrial water systems prolongs the life of equipment, helps to maximise productivity, and can improve the quality of manufactured products.

Here at Lubron, we understand the importance of designing and applying the appropriate water treatment solution, creating the right water for each environment and application.

Scale-free water

Calcium, as well as other components, such as salts, dissolved and undissolved metals, can leave marks and stains on a number of surfaces. In such cases, using soft water leads to less cleaning materials being used in any industry, which not only saves costs but also optimises the lifespan of the equipment.

Borehole water treatment

Iron removal from groundwater and borehole supplies calls for a knowledge of both the chemical reactions involved and how to engineer systems to ensure these can work effectively. Un-aerated groundwater usually contains dissolved iron salts. Introducing oxygen or air to water causes the iron to oxidise and precipitate. Under correct conditions, it can be filtered and removed from the water.

Contact us here for more information on our borehole water treatment services.

Potable water

For consistent high water quality, Lubron delivers solutions which significantly improve the taste of potable water and eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Cooling and boiler water

Cooling towers and boilers are used in most industries. Calcium deposits and corrosion are commonplace in those systems, leading to high energy costs as a result of the reduced conductivity. In the worst case scenario, this can cause complete failure of the cooling and heating equipment and potentially, loss of production. To improve efficiency and safety, and guarantee a longer system lifespan, the composition of the water in use should be strictly controlled.

Read more about cooling and boiler water

Industrial water treatment support

We are proud of our reputation for an all-encompassing quality service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Superior service relies on decades of experience, extensive expertise, commitment and the highest standards of integrity.
Our highly qualified personnel and dedicated support staff treat all customers with equal care and attention. We strive to assess and satisfy your needs and build long-term relationships.

Depending on water quality requirements, a number of Industrial water treatment techniques can be applied.

Water softening

Lubron supplies a wide range of water softeners for different environments. The right water softening solution can eliminate scale deposits in equipment, pipes and production process. Additionally, in cooling and boiler systems, the service life of products can be significantly extended by preventing corrosion and scale deposits.

Water Softening Systems

Water Filtration

Filtration occurs in nature when rain water passes between many layers of sand and gravel. The gravel and sand act as a filter to collect solid particles and therefore leave the water pure. This process has been adapted to achieve the same effect in industry and is particularly beneficial in healthcare, manufacturing and domestic applications.

Industrial Water Filtration

Water Demineralisation

Salts and minerals can be found in pipes and in spring water. In order to treat this issue, water is desalted, a process also referred to as demineralisation, using reverse osmosis (RO). To achieve purified water, the RO water receives a secondary treatment with electro-deionisation (EDI).

Water Demineralisation

Microbiological control

Lubron provides the expertise and solutions to help mitigate the risks associated with microbiological control. Our products, consultancy services, accredited courses, chemical water treatments, and the latest technology, including UV-disinfection and reverse osmosis, ensure a safe and healthy environment with optimal equipment and system reliability.

Microbiological control

Our Water Treatment Solutions for Different Indsutries

Advice and support

As a partner of many installers, suppliers and consultants Lubron provides customised industrial water treatment solutions for various industries, including food and beverage, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, glazing and construction. Lubron considers the quality requirements for the final product and its specific application tailoring our advice and consultancy to create a unique solution.

Design and assembly

When designing a process water system, Lubron takes into account all aspects of end-use such as quality requirements, applicable laws and regulations, energy efficiency, maintenance and operating costs. Every installation is professionally designed and manufactured to Lubron’s leading European standards.

Commissioning and maintenance

As a whole project partner, following installation, Lubron takes care of the complete commissioning process, including training on operation and maintenance. Our industry-leading maintenance service supports operations and enhances the life of your investment. Should you experience any problems, you have the assurance of support day or night from our 24/7 response team.