Chemical Treatment To Protect Your Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Water treatment is an essential part of cooling tower operation. Lubron provide all the required cooling tower water treatment services, including compliance to HSG274 Part 1, chemical dosing and chemical analysis services associated with safe cooling tower operation. These services ensure the cooling water is treated for scale prevention, corrosion minimisation and bacterial reduction, with appropriate chemicals and equipment to ensure the cooling water is optimal for the system.  Some of our cooling water products and services are outlined below:

  • HSG274 Part 1 compliance
  • Chemical water analysis service visits
  • Cooling water biocides
  • Cooling water scale inhibitors
  • Water softeners
  • Free Cooling Tower Inspections
  • Cooling tower clean and disinfection

Associated services

Cooling tower clean and disinfections

Cooling tower clean and disinfections are required as part of HSG274 Part 1. Lubron provide cleaning and disinfection services which include a full condition report with before and after photos, so the state of the system can be tracked and monitored by Lubron and the client. We will work together with you to ensure all systems are optimally maintained.

Good: Pack very clean - no action required

Staining and not a deposit

Accetable: Light mineral deposits only - monitor for deterioration
Caution: Deposits more significant or may be biological - action required

Review scale control measures and moitor for deterioration

Reiew scale control measures and monitor for deterioration

Deposit may be biofouling. Further investigation is required

High risk: Heavy mineral or microbial deposits - urgent action required

Heavy scale


Algal growth

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Cooling tower chemicals

Lubron provide a wide range cooling tower water treatment chemicals, with some specific chemical formulations not found the in the UK water treatment market, due to our Dutch heritage. Some of these blends, specific to cooling water treatment help reduce water use and overall chemical usage.

Cooling tower non chemical water treatment

Lubron have a specific range of non-chemical cooling water treatment, known as the Lubron ADF water treatment system. Automatic Disinfection Filtration is used provide a non-chemical water treatment system. Utilising our Advanced Oxidation Technology, we are able to provide microbiological, scale and corrosion control, with only chemicals required to clean the system itself.

Cooling tower dosing equipment service

Lubron will ensure your cooling tower water treatment system is operating optimally. We will ensure dosing pumps are services, equipment sensors are cleaned and calibrated, chemical formulations checked and topped up and dosing rates verified and optimised.

Cooling tower free inspection service

Lubron offer a free condition report of your cooling system, where we cover the full operation of the system, including fan, bearings, spray distribution, internal and external tower condition, drift eliminators, fill pack or coil condition including photos etc. This is a vital service to outline the current state of the system.

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