CSR - Our People, Our Planet

Lubron and Corporate Social Responsibility

Lubron Water UK embraces its responsibility as part of society. We do this in several ways, including local and national sponsorship. In addition, we have an established CSR policy which includes being a good employer as well as providing environmental and local involvement.

As a company, we are always aware that Lubron Water Technology is not only a business, but it is also a part of wider society. The choices that are made within the company, directly or indirectly have an impact on people, profit and the planet and are integral to the way we operate. Business decisions and the ways in which the interests of stakeholders should be met, are evaluated and chosen depending on the impact they have on “our people, our planet and our business”.

Lubron primarily focuses on three CSR themes: Good Employer, Environmental and Community Involvement.

A good employer

Lubron employs more than 100 employees in four countries. We aim to be a good employer and nurture commitment and dedication from our staff. In return, Lubron provides an open, friendly, healthy and safe working environment with extensive opportunities for training and personal development across the company. We are proud to have exceptional rates of long service and believe we have some of the finest staff in the business.


Our aim is to ensure a positive effect on the environment through good quality water. Treated water means the durability of our equipment in the manufacturing facilities is considerably extended, we produce more efficiently and reduce the need for auxiliary products. For Lubron and its clients, to obtain the proper quality, in many cases, chemical substances need to be added to the water. Lubron’s target is to find the most environmentally friendly alternatives to these substances, delivering technology that reduces the need for chemicals and provides environmentally friendly disposal options for waste water. During the equipment design and production process of equipment, we work with as many reusable materials as possible and consider recycling in the waste phase.

Modern Slavery Policy

We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and we are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our own business, or in any of our supply chains. Please view our policy.

An international company, involved locally

Apart from looking at personnel, raw materials, equipment and services, Lubron always tries to work with local service providers. We also support numerous social initiatives in order to make our contribution to society, and make a positive impact to the local economy. Lubron realises that corporate social responsibility is not a static endpoint, but a dynamic policy that needs engagement and commitment across the company, this is our long-term commitment.

January 2016
Rob Braams


Lubron is committed to supporting charities through fundraising and sponsorship. This ethos has continued from Lubron’s starting point as a small family business that has grown and evolved over time. From a sole trader, we have evolved into an entity that now has three international branches. Our social and charitable involvement has also evolved with the business; in addition to offering sponsorship funding, our employees also get involved in a wide range of volunteering and fundraising activities, supporting a diverse range of charities.

We support national and local projects – see our news page for some of the charity events we have supported and taken part in.