Proud To Support The NHS Supply Chain


At Lubron we specialise in providing water treatment equipment and services to hospitals. We have over 40 years manufacturing experience and understand the needs of hospitals, patients and the teams of people that run them. 


Reliability of our equipment is at the heart of everything we do at Lubron. We pride ourselves in manufacturing simple, easy to use equipment, with as few points of potential failure as possible. Because we thoroughly test all our parts before they are approved for use in our equipment, we can guarantee that our equipment will work.

We believe that value for money is important and as such we aim to provide cost competitive and effective solutions for our customers, but without compromising on quality. We believe we have found the right balance between cost and quality in our equipment. 

As an equipment manufacturer Lubron understand not only how our equipment works, but other manufacturers equipment as well. This means that our engineers are amongst the most highly skilled in the industry. During our 40 years’ experience in building water treatment systems, we have encountered many challenges and have worked to overcome them. This experience has shaped our solutions to the point where they are today. 

We are very confident that our equipment will perform as specified; so confident that we are prepared to offer 5 for 5. This is a 5 year extended warranty, free of charge, when you take up a 5 year service contract with Lubron. This means that for half of the expected life of the equipment, if there are any failures with the equipment, they will be covered by Lubron. 

Services supplied to hospitals include: 

  • Endoscopy water treatment equipment and services 
  • Sterile Services water treatment equipment and services 
  • Boiler house water treatment equipment and services 
  • Water softener equipment and services 
  • Water filtration equipment and services 
  • Legionella / Bacteriological sampling and control services 

We are approved to supply the following types of LOT14 DECONTAMINATION equipment: 

These water treatment systems are used in:


Amar Hussain of NHS James Cook Hospital said:

Lubron provide a “Great and fast service. Brilliant engineers.” When asked why he would leave Lubron, Amar said “I’m not considering in leaving Lubron, in fact the current contract is getting bigger due to reliable equipment.”