Mark Hadaway is our new Managing Director
It is with great excitement, tinged with sadness, that we announce the news that Mark Hadaway has taken over the helm of Lubron UK, as Joe Austin takes a well-earned rest from running the ship.

Lubron UK’s New Managing Director


More than twenty years ago, when Joe Austin founded his water technology company, Aquaflow Systems, from his garden shed in Colchester, he had no idea it would soon be part of such a successful corporation. “Several years after starting Aquaflow Systems, I was approached by a European supplier we used, to transfer all of our activities to them. Shortly afterwards, Lubron UK, part of Lubron Europe, was established,” explains Joe. “Although it is a European company spanning four culturally different countries, there is a genuine team ethos across Lubron, and our recent rebranding has united the company even more. Mark was the perfect candidate to take control of the company and while I am not planning to retire completely yet, I am looking forward to being able to concentrate on being a chemist, rather than a manager.”

Mark joined the company in January 2016 as UK Sales Manager. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a Chemical Engineering Degree and gained his industry experience working for Veolia Water, BAC Balticare and Clearwater Technology.

“Lubron is justifiably recognised as a market leader,” says Mark, “We are an eclectic mix of scientists, engineers and administrators. It is that skill set that enables us to understand our customers’ needs and ensure that we provide the best solution for them. Technological advances in water treatment give us scope to break into new markets and we have the expertise and experience to do that with confidence.”

Lubron Europe’s history mirrors its UK subsidiary; founded in 1978 and managed single-handedly by Luc Braams. Now the company is represented in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK, and has a collective turnover exceeding €14 million. The Group’s CEO, Rob Braams, joined his father’s company in the 1980s and has continued to develop Lubron’s reputation for building sustainable relationships with its customers, understanding their needs, and providing an excellent quality of service.

Mark Hadaway concludes: “The Lubron Group has the benefit of sector proficiency and knowledge, coupled with forward thinking leadership. I believe my experience and management skills will be an asset to Lubron UK as I spearhead the team in our future development.”