Water plant for L’Oréal in the UK
Lubron undertook the development and construction of a water plant for L’Oréal in England.

Case Study: Water plant for L’Oréal

For production at L’Oréal in England where among other things cosmetic products are manufactured, Lubron Netherlands has developed and built a water plant which produces pure process water for its subsidiary Lubron UK.

The heart of the water plant is made up of a reverse osmosis system which continuously produces desalted water with a conductivity of 15 m3/h which is less than 2µs/cm. Due to L’Oreal’s high demands about the purity of the water, the complete 316L RO plant was made from stainless steel and there has undergone extensive validation.

The water systems which are increasingly developed in the European Lubron offices and then built at the headquarters of Lubron in Oosterhout have proven their quality and reliability around the world.

Lubron is a reliable partner with a local approach who always puts the customer first.