Water Filtration System
Water Filtration Systems
Water Filtration Systems
Lubron Water Technologies manufacture and supply a variety of water filters and filtration equipment to suit your needs

Water Filtration Systems

Water can hold many different types of contaminant that needs to be filtered out before it can be used.

Some of these contaminants are solids that require some form of physical filtration, however others are dissolved in the water and require a different type of filtration.

Lubron can offer solutions for all types of water filtration system, for all types of applications. Please check below how we can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs.


We all expect out water to be a clear colour and free from particles and debris, however sometimes the source of the water means that sand, dirt or other fairly large size particles can be present. These must be removed to prevent damage to more delicate equipment further down the system

Physical Filtration is used to remove these particles, and usually consists of some form of mesh that acts as a sieve.

Examples of this type can include disk filters, backwashable candle filters or sand filters


Any solids that dont settle out when left to stand are know as ‘suspended solids’ and will pass through the mesh type filters.

It is therefore necesary to use a different type of filter to remove these solids