TMV Servicing
Controlled water temperatures: TMV Servicing
Controlled water temperatures: TMV Servicing
Lubron will make sure your Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) don’t get you into hot water.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) ensure water temperature is controlled for showers, baths etc. by mixing hot and cold water. The health and safety implications of a faulty TMV valve are severe so regular servicing and maintenance is very important.

Hot water must be stored at a higher temperature than that at which it is dispensed to kill the legionella bacteria, so it is crucial that regular TMV servicing takes place to prevent potential scalding incidents if the mixing valve is not operating correctly. TMV Servicing also includes cleaning, descaling and disinfection to extend the lifespan of the TMV and to maximise its operational capacity.

Lubron as a leading water treatment and environmental services company can service your TMVs as part of a Legionella prevention programme and will provide documentary evidence of the findings to support your health and safety compliance records. TMV mixing valve servicing, temperature monitoring and failsafe testing is critical in health and social care facilities including hospitals, care homes and other premises where the risk of scalding from hot water requires the installation and regular maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves.

If you would like to find out more about our TMV servicing and maintenance, contact us today.