Water pre-treatment replacement system - Case Study

Why Waste Water Chemical and Energy when you Can Have a Hassle Free IPPC Compliant Life?

Lubron has provided an existing boilerhouse at a large hospital in southern England with a replacement water pre-treatment system which uses reverse osmosis to remove the need for this: 

water pre-treatment system

And this:

water pre-treatment system

To this:

water pre-treatment system

The new Reverse Osmosis system gives the ultimate in flexibility with a triplex system that allows 100% availability of pre-treatment plant at all times with the ability to cope with extreme water demands.

The existing bulk salt saturator was reconfigured to supply a day tank next to the new water softeners

At a later stage it is planned to add a further recovery stage to the RO reject system to recover another 60% of the RO reject.

In summary

  • The need for acid handling has been removed
  • Blowdown has been reduced to a maximum of 1.5% of evaporation
  • Closer compliance to IPPC has been achieved and cleaner steam is produced as a result.
  • Chemical consumption is reduced.

With the reduction the cost of RO membranes over the last decade, this has to be the future in times of high energy costs and where labour is at a premium.

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