Iron And Managanese Filtration
Iron and Manganese Filtration
Iron and Manganese Filtration
Remove Iron and Manganese from Borehole water

Iron And Manganese Filtration

Water in underground springs and boreholes can dissolve Iron and Manganese from the surrounding rocks.

The water under ground is devoid of Oxygen and the Iron and Manganese are soluble in water because of this.

However, when the water is pumped to the surface and exposed to the Oxygen in the air the Iron and Manganese become insoluble. This cause them to precipitate out of the water, leaving deposits in your tanks, pipes and taps

Lubron can supply Iron and Manganese Filtration equipment to oxidize and filter these contaminants before they enter your water system

Water containing high levels of iron and manganese can be unpleasant both in taste and appearance and excess Iron and Manganese in water can cause health problems.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and World Health Organisation (WHO) set international standards for drinking water

Limits as set by the DWI and WHO are 0.2ppm Iron and 0.05ppm Manganese

Iron and Manganese underground are found in their unoxidised state of Fe2 and Mn2.

Lubron’s Iron and Manganese filters use the oxygen in the air to convert the soluble Iron (Fe2) to insoluble (Fe3). This can then be filtered out of the water by our sand filter systems.

The pH of the water greatly affect the rate of oxidation, with manganese requiring a pH of over 8.5 for effective removal with air. To assist with this a catalytic media can be added to the filter.

Gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane and Ammonia can be present in borehole and spring waters.

These gases can slow the oxidation of Iron and Manganese and prevent their removal within the media filter .

Lubron’s detailed water analysis can detect these gases and allow us to tailor a solution for your needs

Lubron manufacture and supply Iron removal systems from 100l/h upto 150m3/h.

The filters are based on an extensive range of high quality steel vessels, built to the latest European standards, with excellent internal access.

The manifolds, available in PVC or, to special order, stainless steel, incorporate
pneumatic or motorised backwash control valves, which are governed by a dedicated programmable microprocessor unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- I have orange deposits in my tanks

A:- You may have high Iron levels in your incoming water. Exposure to the air in your tanks is causing the Iron to oxidise and precipitate out of solution in your tanks.


Q:- My water goes discoloured after being exposed to air.

A:- It is possible that you have either Iron or Manganese in your water, which is oxidising on contact with the air. A water analysis will reveal how bad your problem us and allow us to manufacture a solution

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