Industrial Water Purification For The Electronics Industry
The processed water is used by the LWB Eindhoven company for the manufacturing of high quality products in the given industry.

Industrial Water Purification – Electronics Industry


For several applications in the electronics industry, there are increasingly higher demands for water purification. For example, in LWB Eindhoven, the quality of the process water used for the manufacturing process is of great importance as it concerns the outcome of the final product.

The water treatment plant we designed for the company was based on the desalination process, turning tap water into ultrapure water using reverse osmosis in combination with an EDI system. The system was then supplied by the water company Brabant Water in Eindhoven.

The capacity of the water purification installation had to be 14 m3/h with a conductivity of less than 1µs/cm and silica concentration of less than 0.2 ppm.

The entire description of this water purification project can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

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