Horticultural water treatment systems for customers in Kazakhstan
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About our Horticultural Water Treatment Systems

In Kazakhstan, Horticultural Water Treatment Systems is a rapidly growing business with great potential partially because Kazakhstan has 220 million hectares of land which can be suitable for horticulture and also there are many local cultivators and investors present in this area.

By applying the reverse osmosis technique and Horticultural Water Treatment Systems, the available surface water which has a high salt concentration can become suitable for reuse in a closed greenhouse system. The permeate water which is then produced has low conductivity and a low sodium concentration and therefore leads to minimised costs and a better quality of the final product.

In order to protect the RO system from contamination and also for better treatment Lubron installs a multimedia water filtration system. Upon request from the customer, the Horticultural Water Systems can be built in special containers, heating and various loading and unloading facilities.

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