Data Centre Water Treatment

Water Treatment For Data Centres

Lubron understands the need for reliability and redundant systems when supplying Data Centre cooling water. Lubron have supplied multiple Data Centre water treatment systems across Europe and beyond, using innovative techniques to reduce scale and bacterial fouling.

We work closely with many suppliers of cooling towers and adiabatic cooling systems, ensuring that we can supply water that is compatible with the construction materials of your cooling system, prolonging its life and increasing its reliability

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers require careful treatment to reduce scale and corrosion and to regulate legionella and other bacteriological risks.

We can supply water softeners that will remove the hardness that forms scale, and the addition of Reverse Osmosis will allow greater cycles of concentration before blowdown, resulting in savings in both water and chemicals.

Chemical Treatment

We can supply cooling tower treatment solutions, chemicals and controls to suit all types of cooling tower. Please check our main cooling tower page for more details.

Adiabatic Cooler RO system

We have developed a new range of Reverse Osmosis systems tailored to the needs of adiabatic cooling systems. These systems can be used without the addition of biocides, saving time and money.

Our “4 Cooler” range of systems cover a wide range of flow rates and feature industry leading designs to ensure that quality water is always available.