Policy statement on health and safety and the environment
Lubron Water wishes to be a good employer; encourage the management and the employees to pursue the common purpose of profitability and continuity of the business. This goal should be achieved by offering / delivering high quality products and services to our customers. In return, Lubron wishes to create great working conditions (including a strong health and safety policy as well as a nice environment for the people within the company).

Our Health and Safety Statement

Safety, health and environment (SHE) are an integral part of our business and are just as important as the quality of products / services and the personnel in the organization.

The board has a leading role in the implementing of our policy. It is concerned not only with safety, health and environment but also emphasises on the personal responsibility for each employee (including temporary or transferred workers). With the introduction of the SCC system, we therefore include all the employees involved in the company.

The safety policy at Lubron aims to prevent personal injury, property damage and environmental damage. This is done through continuous evaluation of the company and its common threats and in compliance with the applicable laws and work standards. The implementation and approval of the Risk Assessment and Evaluation help create acceptable working conditions.

To ensure the health and safety of employees (incl. temporary and transferred workers), we use instructions, consultations and supervision. By using feedback and experience, we strive to achieve continuous improvement of working conditions as well as health and safety issues. All staff members have been informed verbally and / or in writing about the policy and the common goals of the company. Once the policy is changed, it is once again presented to the employees. The policy is reviewed at least once every three years.

Great value should be attached to good consultation and cooperation at all levels. The top management is responsible for good and regular consultations with the management team (MT) and the Workers Council (WC). Additionally, we hold regular work meetings at a departmental level. We are completely intolerable to any form of sexual harassment, aggression, violence or any form of bullying in the workplace.

Within Lubron Mr. H. van der Heijden was appointed as a coordinator for SHE issues. He is also health and safety officer for the health service providing organization Occure ,which is a company working alongside ours.

Oosterhout, January 1, 2016

R.W.H. Braams

Managing director