Food & Beverage: Sustainable solutions for salad spraying

Published in Process & Control, May 2018
David Keely highlights how reducing reliance on mains water supplies can be a win-win scenario for industry and the environment.

The cost of mains water continues to rise, and there are good reasons for this. The first is water quality. The quality standards set in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, which enshrine the EU Drinking Water Directive, are ever more demanding. This is not EU bureaucracy but a matter of public health: a reflection of the growing number of identifiable trace pollutants – mostly anthropogenic – that are potentially harmful. The second reason for rising costs is the increasing demand for drinking water from a growing population and the third is the effects of global climate change on water resources and the now familiar “feast or famine” pattern of rainfall. What all this means is that industries are paying more for water which meets a quality standard far higher than is needed for most industrial and agricultural applications.

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