Purifying contaminated water with Lubron’s RO water treatment systems

What is RO Water?

RO water, is the product stream of a solution after undertaking reverse osmosis, typically used for wastewater, recycling and desalinisation (the removal of salt in water). RO water is the solution for clean, reusable water supply where water contains contaminants like bacteria, fluoride and microfibres.

How our systems make Reverse Osmosis work? 

Lubron’s RO water treatment forces a solvent, (water) through semi-permeable membrane from the side with the highest concentration to the side with the lowest concentration. The water is ‘cleaned’ by being forced at high pressure through an ultra-fine semi-permeable membrane so that only the water can be pushed through and the contaminants remain.

An RO water system, when correctly engineered, has very low rejection rates (effluent to drain) and regenerate costs are non-existent when used on their own. Their efficiency can be increased even further if a water softener is added to remove calcium and magnesium, utilising salt as the regenerant.

Lubrons range of RO Water Systems

LK 120 Series

LK 16O

Mini RO Series 

Osmostar S

Osmostar EDF

Osmo-Pure RO System

Osmo Pure RO 8 System

Horti Pure

If you would like to find out more information on our reverse osmosis systems, or to discuss RO water in more detail, contact us today.