Lubron UK Welcomes John Winter - our new Water Treatment Engineer

Due to the continued success of the water treatment side of the business, we are pleased to announce the arrival of John Winter to the team.  John has an excellent Chemistry degree from the University of Leeds and a year’s industrial R&D experience working with lab equipment (including circulators/chillers) providing technical support. This knowledge and work ethic will be an asset to the hygiene team.

John enjoys gardening, cooking (especially with home-grown food), DIY and keeping fit/gym activity.

John wrote; “The opportunity to develop a career in water treatment outside of a lab context and build a professional network and relationships with clients. I am also excited to learn about innovative water treatment solutions on an industrial scale across different industries as well as on a domestic level”

Please join me in wishing John the very best career at Lubron……welcome to the team

Steve Shave MWM Soc
Water Treatment Manager