Welcome to Lubron UK’s Intern


When Lubron Europe introduced our new branding, earlier this year, we knew it was going to be a huge project to migrate all of our collateral to reflect our new message. Coupled with the task of populating our new website with engaging content, in line with the European websites, we needed someone to work with us to professionally manage and execute the whole project. Thanks to the fantastic Internship Programme at the University of Essex, we have a wonderful graduate working with us for the next three months.


An internship is a temporary position within a company with an emphasis on employability development rather than just employment. It is designed to provide opportunities for students and graduates to gain experience in a specific field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts and help them boost their CV. The University of Essex leads the way in helping its students gain valuable experience with local organisations during and after study and signposting employers to a fantastic talent pool.


Our Intern Romina Dininska (Rumi) is a Management and Marketing graduate who will be working alongside our PR and Marketing Company, TWI to complete the project. We are delighted to welcome her to the Lubron team.